ACE assists small and medium sized enterprises in relocating the production or outsourcing their services to Romania. We provide full-integrated consultancy and a wide range of products reducing the complexity of the process and thus the risks to a minimum level.

Our goal is to allow our clients the management of their relocation to Romania with a reduced implication of own staff.

  1. Decision making stage
    • Location studies / market analyses
    • Feasibility studies
    • Finding the suppliers
    • Personnel scouting and selection
    • Consultancy on EU subventions
    • Registering the company -or
    • Buying shares in already established companies

  2. Project stage
    • Constructing new commercial premises or renting existing premises
    • Design/Engineering
    • Financing - provided by ACE or third parties
    • Turnkey constructions - greenfield -or
    • Adapting existing buildings - brownfield
    • Assistance during the construction works and quality control
    • Installation of equipment
    • Take over & commissioning
    • Documentation and supervision for repair of defects during the guarantee period

  3. Operational stage
    • Asset management
    • Administrative management of the Romanian company
    • Reporting
    • Outsourcing all services that are not part of the core activity